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Q.  I'm a Crafter do I need to be a member to attend your events?
A.  We are happy to welcome Guest Crafters to our events if after you experience one of our very popular events and you would like to join as a permanent member, its very easy just click on
"Join Us" in the main menu for more information.
Q.   My craft items are not handmade does this matter?
A.   Our policy is quite clear we only accept Crafters who offer handmade items.
Q.  I'm have been told my goods need to be vetted before joining what is involved?
A.  As part of the application process you may be invited to attend an informal meeting with one or two committee members who will view your items, to find out more about you and your craft and to explain/answer any queries. You may be invited to attend an event with the view to vetting you there, or we might be able to view/vet your goods using social media ie Your Web Site or Facebook pages.   

Q. After booking my event I find that I need to cancel what do I need to do?
A.  Its important to notify us right away in order to fill your space. Refund decisions will be based on individual circumstances and in accordane with ACA Terms and conditions. 
(Viewable in Join Us)
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